Signal Maxima

Standing in 2021. Having physically, mentally and financially survived 2020. Things are off.

We have been feeling the life changing slowly. Then everything changed overnight. Today, despite things being mostly normal, they are very much different.

2020 may have been a first global boss level event since 1940’s world war. We pride ourselves being the society with instant access to all the human information ever created, yet we would all agree that today the zeitgeist is anything but understandable. Work, family, health, economy, politics, internet – everything is being stress tested. The society is at a strange inflection.

We are unsure “Where we started” and “Where are we going”. Are we sitting on seismic societal shifts? or are we coming to an end of hyper growth? New world order or mere progress of status quo?. To me things seem biblical.

To make sense – an individual must be able to condense the emerging forces of nature, the undercurrents that dictate our lives. To see the patterns beneath the complexity of modernity.

Uncertainty eats us away. We need answers, but we must strive for truth. We created an environment which is far richer in information than we can hope to comprehend, yet sometimes, it washes up nuggets of signal in its expanding ocean. Man must keep to First Principals to understand and gain leverage in this game.

Signal Maxima is an attempt to use the unchanging fundamentals to bring light on the things we can attempt to understand, and observe those which which we cannot.

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