Meme Investing

At this point Wall Street Bets, $GME, Marvin Capital may not be hot news. For the few who are out of loop, follow the this twitter thread that captures the wild ride of past week (Courtesy @ShaanVP) Basically a hedge fund shorted a video game retailer. In 2019 a reddit user known as u/DeepFuckingValue uncovered…More

Signal Maxima

Standing in 2021. Having physically, mentally and financially survived 2020. Things are off. We have been feeling the life changing slowly. Then everything changed overnight. Today, despite things being mostly normal, they are very much different. 2020 may have been a first global boss level event since 1940’s world war. We pride ourselves being the…More

Hey there!

Registered this website. Stuff to write. Short form, Long form. Reflections, Excursions. Known, Unknown. Struggles, Wins. Lets. go.More